Thursday, June 4, 2015

the goods

sorting out 24 goody bags.

writing individual names on each one.

making graduation bookmarks out of strips of paper and graduation hats.

counting out bubbles.

tucking sunglasses into each bag.

this is the late night activity i am doing prior to her big kindergarten graduation party tomorrow.

although i am so tired and i feel like my eyelids weigh just about 1,000 pounds each, i am happy to be doing this.

because i get to. because i want to.

one of the many, many, many good things that comes from good scan results.

getting to stuff goody bags at 10pm on a thursday for her big celebration.

yes to that.

happy weekend peeps, make it a great one. thanks for all of the good vibes you are sending to beth, i know they will bring good results.

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