Wednesday, June 3, 2015

2 for 2

all of your magic and mojo and prayers are working for beth this week. so far she has had two results appointments and they have both come back with clear results. yes!!! friday is the third appointment and it is a biggie with the results of her ct scan. but since we are already 2 for 2, i have no doubt that we will go 3 for 3. right? right. you have got this beth, only good news from here. i know it.

in addition to the awesome news coming week for beth, here are a couple of other things that i have loved this week: 

+++ imagine how awesome if would be if every kid had an answer similar to this one when they are asked what they want to be when they grow up.
+++ my friend kelly has some awesome new cards in her shop and i already have some ordered and on their way to me. yay for me.
+++ my friend liz is selling gorgeous prayer flags in her shop, i will be hanging one over my front door as a welcome to those that come into our home, and i will be hanging one in the room that we spend the most amount of time in to remind me to "let them carry your prayers, wishes, burdens, hopes, worries, and deepest dreams". yes to that.

lastly, i think that sheryl sandberg's essay on the loss of her husband might be one of the most emotional pieces i have ever read.

the world will benefit from her sharing her perspective.

that i know for sure.

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