Monday, September 22, 2014



so this fall as the leaves start to come down, the warriors continue to fight on.

+++ beth just finished her half way point of chemo treatment, yes --- half way. huge milestone. so great, so proud of her. now if those damn side effects would just get the hell out of town, she would be on a clear downhill slope to the end of treatment.
+++ sharon has a procedure on wednesday to try and wipe out her tumor, and then she will have the rest of her chemo treatments and end those right before thanksgiving.
+++ mary has her next round of melanoma scans on friday, and i just know that they are going to be clear, clear, clear. mary also asked me to share the following for all of you that sent her happy mail, "please relay to your blog readers how much i truly appreciate and feel blessed to continue to receive happy mail along with the gift cards/gifts. more importantly the well wishes, prayers, and beautiful sentiments expressed in the cards make me fight on."
+++ chaser recently went in for a round of tests at the mayo clinic and a surgery. here is a summary of the results,
"Premature aging- Bone scan was good. It showed him to be almost exactly where he should be! So no premature aging going on.
-Lung health - some of the cultures taken came back positive to have a couple of active bacteria associated with pneumonia. - He doesn't necessarily have pneumonia, but we were given a prescription to treat the bacteria found.
-the cultures taken to find out if he is aspirating, (having his saliva go back into his lungs....) will not be back for a couple of weeks. They will only show if he is, not if is not- Lets hope for nothing on this one- I am anxious to get him back into the Vital Stem therapy and get that bacon in his mouth!
-High Thyroid hormones were found in a couple of the tests. We were originally concerned that he may have Graves Disease, but that has been ruled out! In two months we are going to retest, and if they are high again, he will be put on a Beta blocker.
In a nutshell, for the most part, the results were pretty good. We go back in two months for some more labs, and to talk to a couple of surgeons about cutting and stretching the tendons in his arms and legs, and repeat a few of these tests. The Big Guy has plenty of time to turn this around! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers."

+++ my friend mike recently went in for his latest round of tests after completing his rounds of chemo and he was cancer free - awesome news!!

keep on keeping on my friends, you've all got this.

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