Wednesday, September 24, 2014


the email came today.

november 10th are scans.

november 12th are the results.

enough said for today.

you know how i feel about everything else that those two dates mean, and honestly, it is more than enough for this day to just handle knowing the times are locked in.

+++ thanks for all of the good thoughts for sharon today, her procedure went well -- go sharon go, keep kicking cancer in the you-know-what!
+++ please send some love and mojo out in the afternoon for a friend of mine that is having some tests done. thank you:)
+++ i got an update from mary today that insurance has denied her scans that were scheduled to be on friday -- do not even get me started on that or we will be here for a very long time. luckily she has a great doc who is going to bat for her and will hopefully convince her insurance that they are being insane (there are some other words that i could use to express my thoughts, i am sure that you can guess what they are). send your mojo to mary that her insurance wakes up and realizes that scans save lives, saving dollars doesn't.

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