Sunday, September 21, 2014

hello fall

from the sunshine that we keep having around here (no complaints), it seems like summer is going to hold on as long as it can. sounds like a good plan. in the meantime, knowing that fall will eventually finally get its way, we spent some time this weekend starting to get ready.

pulling the flowers (the ones that were barely still holding on) out of the planters. patio furniture put away. decks swept. hoses brought in, sprinklers put away. saying goodbye to the bees, and hello to the spiders (which btw seem to be everywhere). fall decorations up (which kind of made me want to get some halloween candy a little bit early but i held off;)).

when we made a quick run to the store, the pumpkins were out in full force. we will be heading to the patch in a few week to get ours, and that is so crazy to me, it seems like we were just there. but i am all over another trip to the patch, walking through the corn maze, doing the rubber ducky races. bring it on, all of it. so thankful for another year to enjoy it all.

it is also the time of the year when the oven starts to get used more, like tonight with this new recipe we tried out from the forest feast cookbook. who knew that a sweet potato, onion, red potato mix could be so good? yum.

i hope that your weekends were good too, whether fall has officially showed up or if summer is still holding on for you like it is for us.

hope your week gets off to a good start, here we go.

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