Wednesday, September 3, 2014

blogcation, part iii

my blogcation last week was due to a vacation to disneyland.

the picture gives you a glimpse of the fun that we had. this ride was one that we went on about ten times, and as you can see, the pictures got a little more creative as the number of times we were on it increased. although malena looked pretty much the same in each picture, holding on for dear life;)

more to come on all of that when i am not completely exhausted from the return to work and the start of kindergarten.

the start of the school year is full of so many transitions, and this post was a reminder that the transitions just keep coming.

happy thursday peeps, hope it is a good day - beth will get her pump out tomorrow and round three will be done, that makes it a great day in my book. one round closer to the end of chemo, love that.

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