Tuesday, September 9, 2014

just in time

last week, elise blaha cripe posted the above picture on her instagram account. she then posted a link to it on her blog as a free download, you can find the link to the download in this post.

she rocks.

i saw this print at just the right time that i needed it.

we have been going through some rough school transitions for the last couple of months, and in addition to that, it seems that there is always some other issue looming at work or in a different aspect of our lives.

it can be overwhelming, and when mixed with the issues that cancer throws into the mix on a regular basis, it can at times feel like nothing is within my control and i can't get caught up on life -- and i pretty much hate that.

so i now have elise's print on my fridge so that i see it every single morning, and remind myself as we get ready to face the day, that there are two main things i should try not to worry about.

it has made the days this week a little bit better.

i like that.

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