Wednesday, September 10, 2014

big boy

with all of the back to school pictures and stories, i think that this is my favorite one. below is the update on chaser's first day at kindergarten. i can empathize with chris and lisa, when life ends up looking differently than how you expected it would, it can take a little bit of time to regroup and focus on just how lucky you are.

i hope that you all have a good weekend, we are off bright and early tomorrow for a surprise adventure with malena. (here is a hint if you promise not to tell her -- it has a little something to do with her favorite band "one direction" and her very first concert;)).

make yours a good one. xo

"When Am I gonna be a Big Boy Dad?"
Today was a big day at the Lykken household. Tanner and Ava started their weekday walk to the bus stop that they will be making for next 9 months-only one short.....Chase would have been getting on that bus with two of them. They both left the house with smiles and returned that way, so it must have been a good first day back at school.
I met Lisa and Chaser in the parking lot of Red tail Ridge at noon to bring Chase in for his first day of Kindergarten. As I walked over to the van to greet them, I saw the familiar somber look in Lisa's puffy red eyes. I took a deep breath, reached in to get Chaser out, and reassured him how much fun he was going to have today. I knew this wasn't going to be easy, especially with the vision of him 2 years ago-his first day of Preschool, sitting on the bench at Jeffers pond with a 3 foot smile, backpack hanging from his back, and the phrases, when do I get to go to Kindergarten dad? When am I gonna be a big boy? - echoing in my head.... But I knew I had to be the strong one here-
We pushed his wheel chair up to the entrance and stopped to snap some pictures. After ill efforts to adjust his head several times in-between shots so he would be facing the camera, we were greeted by Debbi-his school nurse- who took this one for us. She opened up the door and laughed how Chase was getting the "Red Carpet Treatment" today. (they had put red carpet down for all the kids) We pushed him in his wheel chair down the hall to one of the Special Ed rooms that he will be in- we entered, and bam! A room full of smiles! Everyone seemed happy to see Chase and have him there today. As Lisa and I looked around at the newly familiar faces, we pushed a smile back in return hoping to cover-up the gut turning reality- that neither of us ever imagined little dudes KG experience would be like this. After filling them in on the suction and a little of his routine, his teacher Mrs "D", walked us down the hall towards the exit, the entire way assuring us he is in good hands, and that he is going to have a great day. We know he is! We could not have hand picked a better team to take care of our little dude. As we exited the building, wiping our eyes, we took a second to regroup- looked back into the double doors, and realized how fortunate we are to even be having this moment. A year and a half ago, we didn't know if he would ever leave the hospital, little alone being dropped off at Kindergarten! He has come along way, and for that we are very thankful to the Big Guy!
Chase shares his monumental day of being here and being a kindergartner, with a monumental anniversary day of Grampa Lykken. It was 31yrs ago today, that he had a 13hr operation to remove a tumor in the middle of his brain. Defying all odds, he made an almost complete recovery, and went back to teaching college Physics a year later. - Gramps, your another walking miracle in this family!!
Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!

- Hey Chaser........ guess what?............You're a big boy now!

God is Good!

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