Thursday, September 6, 2012

hello weekend, good to see you

oh friday, i am happy to see you. where have you been all week?

tonight malena wanted to go to the pet store to say hello to the animals, one of the routines that she does with her mema and papa. she had so much fun checking out the animals, she is such an animal lover. there was a little stool in the store, and she just started moving that stool around to wherever she wanted it to be in the store so that she could see the animals. it was hilarious, that girls knows what she wants and makes it happen (i know, i think that she gets that trait from me too;)) random thursday outing, very fun.

i am looking forward to this weekend and catching up on life.

a couple of highlights:
+++ soccer and swimming for malena
+++ i am going to buy happier at home, i really, really liked the happiness project so i am expecting the same for this one. saw good reviews on it today, including this one and this one
+++ i am going to complete my first assignment for my "unraveling class" which i am so thankful that i signed up for - class started this week and i am soaking it all up
+++ purchasing a new photo printer so that i can start documenting life - big step for me to start tackling photos....healing.
+++ signing up for a 5K run in december, good short term training goal to get my feet on the pavement to start gearing up for the half-marathons next year
+++ buying running shoes, never would have guessed that would be something that would be on my "to do" list. ever.
+++ fun and relaxation

i will also be making 5 cards to give away to the winner of the giveaway, remember to leave your comment on the blog by 5pm friday if you want a chance to win. i will post the winner friday night. good luck peeps!

i hope that you all have a great weekend, enjoy it!

+++ i hear that it might rain in seattle on sunday, i may need to buy a pair of these awesome rain boots to get prepared
+++ if you had a little one start school this week, you might want to read this blog about remembering the first day
+++ drooling over this blueberry recipe. yum.
+++ for the moms, a good read for keeping it real (thanks jill for sharing)
+++ you know that i could do serious damage on this site that has laptop/phone covers with kelly rae roberts designs. oh my.
+++ i would so love to write a blog with malena, what a great mom/daughter experience
+++ this sprinkles-themed party is awesome
+++ super cute ideas for a baby shower

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