Sunday, September 16, 2012

where did it go?

not sure how it is sunday night already, but the fact that we had a great weekend might have something to do with it.

highlights included:
+++ movie, reisling, and gluten free desserts with my favorite movie date (hi hooch). if any of you are thinking about seeing the words, you should.
+++ soccer in the sunshine, and malena's first sports team picture - big milestone.
+++ malena decided that we needed to bake chocolate chip/peanut butter chip cookies after soccer. so we whipped up some awesome cookies. yum.
+++ she then decided (there were a lot of decisions made saturday afternoon at our house) she needed to create her own bakery, using empty boxes and some of our cooking supplies. she had a lot of cookies and cupcakes to make. it was so fun to watch her play and for her imagination to run wild. she also needed to wear her princess dress (thanks kelli) while she baked so it was a very formal kitchen.

+++ one of the boxes that she used for her kitchen was the box my new photo printer came in. saturday night we hooked it up and printed out a few pictures. that was a huge step for me. healing with one picture at a time.
+++ working on my assignments for my "unraveling" class - which i would highly recommend taking for all of the ladies out there (kp, cm - you should definitely sign up in december)
+++ running. training. running. training.
+++ malena and i hit ben franklin and she picked out her new craft project, i picked out this new piece of art for our dining room wall.

+++ sunday morning at our favorite coffee shop eating banana bread and apple juice. yes please.

+++ most of our sunday was spent at northwest trek and we had a great time. animals. animals. animals. i am pretty convinced that there is a good chance that we have a little veterinarian on our hands.
+++ loved seeing blue sky while breathing fresh air.

 +++ father/daughter walking with the exact same pace.
 +++ finding her own way on the trail. i will never get tired of watching her look for what is around the next corner.

+++ i am loving the switch of seasons. fall. i am ready for it. i could relate to tracey clark's words when she talked about this time of year.

hope you all are ready for a good week. my week will include a date night with my husband, trapeze lesson (wallace, i am definitely anticipating a "water for elephants" moment;)), swim lessons, a celebration a friend, visit from my parents, soccer, crafting, and more. oh, and somewhere in there, 40+ hours of not-so-much-fun work if this week is anything like last week. ugh. let's hope not.

happy monday peeps. here we go again.

+++ i think this print is adorable
+++ we just signed up for kiwi crate and i can't wait for our first project to get here.
+++ if you want a really fun list of things to click through on fridays, you need to sign up for susannah conway's blog so that you can get her something for the weekend list each week
+++ i loved this idea for a way to add a little surprise to your cupcakes

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