Thursday, September 20, 2012


a couple of things that i have come across recently, that made me hungry/sad/inspired/grateful or some combination of all four.

+++ oh my, this recipe has me drooling. seriously.
+++ this is a really touching tribute to a brother from his little sister. i really like all of the ways that she focuses on how he cultivated a good life. clearly he did. in the last two years, i have thought about what people would remember about me. i try and focus my time and energy on ensuring they know how much i love them.
+++ i am apparently not the only one who is having thoughts about the fall
+++ if you want to participate in jingle bell dash, our team is rudolph's ridiculously rad runners and when you sign up we are in the "dasher" grouping. if you sign up by the 22nd, registration is only $25. the dash is for a good cause - fighting arthritis.
+++ for the moms, loved this and this
+++ i am so going to make these spiders with malena in october. super fun fun.
+++ my friend kimberly just bought me this book. she says it is amazing and she couldn't put it down. i am excited to start it (and maybe finish it) this weekend. without even reading it, i am thinking about hikes we could do next spring. more firsts.

happy thursday, one more day. we can do it.

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