Sunday, May 20, 2012

fight like a girl

this weekend my sister-in-law kim and her family held a girls night out bunco party to raise money for the shore walk that we are doing in june. such a great idea, such a fun night. they worked so hard to put it together. great food. great women. great laughter. great drinks. great fun. great cause. $820 raised for that great cause. awesome.

it obviously meant a lot to me that they would put in all of the hard work to put the night together. everyone that came knew they were putting money towards the walk to support my team. not everyone that came knew me directly. but everyone who came knew how much i appreciated it by the end of the night when i was able to say thank you, of course, while tears were streaming down my face. it is powerful to have so many people gather to support something that means so much to you, and to realize that the night would not have ever happened had i not been diagnosed with cancer. sometimes the good outshines the bad. this was one of those times.

so very, very grateful.

it all rides on the roll of the three dice.
betsy the bartender - she doesn't mess around.
ummmm.....why have i never seen one of these before - shouldn't ever blender have a tap? i think that the answer to that question is definitely yes.
tons of awesome food.

the best, and i do mean the best, taco dip in the world that kim makes. it doesn't last long. so good.
yes please.
of course there were great raffle prizes drawn all night long.
kim with a shirt that says "cancer sucks" - i totally agree.
fight like a girl. that has been, and will continue to be, the plan.

we wrapped up the weekend with a 17th of may celebration to honor our norwegian roots.
this week is a busy one (well, aren't they all really?) so i will be back on later in the week.

happy monday peeps. hope your weekend was as good as mine.

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