Sunday, May 13, 2012

weekend wrap-up

+++ on saturday barrett and i went to a melanoma clinic that fred hutchinson/seattle cancer care alliance put on for melanoma patients. we went last year too, and both years i have felt mixed emotions about it. i like hearing the latest research, seeing the smart doctors that are working hard on making improvements in the fight against melanoma. i have a hard time hearing the statistics, they aren't good. the last part of the clinic is a patient panel. that is tough and healing at the same time. tough in hearing the stories, most of which include recurrence. healing in hearing the stories, most of which make me feel less alone. this year i also thought about vida, we were at the clinic last year when we got the call that she had passed way. this year i also thought about jim, last year i took home a bunch of information and sent it to him on how to deal with insurance problems. i miss them both. so the day was full of emotions, some felt only internally and some felt externally as tears rolled down my cheeks. but i felt reassured that i am not alone in this world of melanoma and all that it brings. for that feeling, whenever and however it comes, i am thankful.
+++ we had a great mom's day today. brunch. swim lessons. crafting. jamba juices. checking out the ducks at the lake. sliding. swinging. biking. kicking the soccer ball. painting fingernails and toenails pretty pink. sunday night pizza. workout. perfect day. over too soon.

+++ tyler/jess/denise/kadeena - super excited to have you all on the team - can't wait. let's hope we get the type of sunshine we had today - we will need to pack a lot of sunscreen;)
+++ chris - thank you for your donation to the walk, i so appreciate it! xo

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