Tuesday, May 15, 2012

tuesday, why aren't you friday?

+++ loved this article (tnx em for sharing)
+++will keep this in mind when i am doing laundry (which is right on the top of my list with things that i dislike, next to pumping gas - mom, i get that one from you)
+++it's all about attitude
+++liking this blog a lot, just bought her book over the weekend and can't wait to dive in
+++just started an e-course called "do what you love" to get my creative juices moving. pretty sure that i will decide that i need to quit my job and make cards full time (sshhhh...don't tell barrett).
+++my sis and i kicking it into high gear - go team!
+++aaron - saw this pic on your page today, loved it;) miss you. xoxo
+++jo/mike - thanks for your donation to the walk, i really appreciate it!!

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