Thursday, September 20, 2018

beth's results are in...

you all work magic.

let me have her tell you in her own words.

thank you for all of the love, prayers, and mojo you sent her this week. it worked (but we all knew that it would. right? right.)

have a good weekend all - xoxo

So the scans showed everything was stable with some minimal decrease on the nodules.  While that was not the news I wanted my doctor explained a bit more to me.  He said the nodules are so small he doesn't actually expect them to disappear.   What we hope will happen is that the cancer will die in the spots but the spots will likely remain because of scar tissue.  So in some ways you have no way of knowing if that is happening except when I go off treatment if I don't get any more spots it means the cancer was killed.  So now I guess that is what we root for.  My doctor seemed pleased and not surprised.  So i'll take it as good news.
   My labs all looked good so once again I celebrate by going to infusion.  I am in my room now waiting for them to start.  My neuropathy had been flaring up so my doctor is dropping the oxaliplatin.  That will make my infusion appointments shorter, I should feel a bit better, I will drop the cold sensitivity (ice cream here I come!) and my neuropathy won't get worse and hope it gets better.
     And hopefully it will help with the fatigue because it's a harsh drug.  My doctor is calling this maintenance chemo.  There is always the chance I have to go back on the Oxaliplatin but we all hope that is not the case.

   The other drug continues to fight my hair and now my eye lashes are falling out.   I hate this side effect.   After the wedding I may cut my hair shorter.  But still use a hair cap.
   I have been really tired, probably because I am a bit overwhelmed with things.  I had people in town last weekend for my wedding shower which was so much fun.  Wonderful to have people I love all in the same room. I  had to pack up my office because we are moving spaces this weekend, I have a lot going on at work and things to do and we have wedding plan details.  So it's a lot right now and I am just tired.  I will keep it low key this weekend with probably lots of sleep.
   An update on Alli.   Her blood work looked good earlier this week.  She will remain on her dosage of drugs until her scans in October then will reassess.    She continues to have a lot of fatigue herself.
   I also have to bring up another friend's husband, Scott.  He is now on a heavy dose of chemo and needs all our support and prayers as well for a great outcome from his treatment.
   So thank you for your love, support and prayers for all of us cancer fighters.

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