Sunday, September 16, 2018

prayers/love/mojo for beth on monday + thursday / oncology appt for me on monday

beth has her scans tomorrow for her next check in on how her drugs are working. she will get her results on thursday (delay due to doctor schedule - no one likes waiting on results). so please send her all of your prayers, love, and mojo this week until we get those good results on thursday. here are her own words about this week:

I know I have been quiet in this space.  It’s been a busy few weeks between work and wedding planning.  
   I did reduce my dosage of chemo.   And that has made me feel a bit better.   But this past week my neuropathy really flared up in my hands and feet.   So I am seeing my doctor next week and we will talk about dropping the med that causes neuropathy and the cold sensitivity.   It may be time. 
    But the big thing coming up this week is my next set of scans.  Tomorrow I go in at 1:30.  Drink my contrast for an hour and my scans will be at 2:30.   So that I can see my doctor for the results I won’t see him until Thursday at 1.   
   These scans will start to be telling if the immunotherapy drug is helping.   These scans and the next one in 9 weeks.  Although 9 weeks away is wedding time.  Yikes!   But we will work something out for my scan schedule.   Before my scanxiety was off the charts. I think because I knew the results were critical and scary if my cancer is back.  But for these I am not as anxious for whatever reason.  Maybe it’s because my cancer is back.  
   I found a new therapist who specializes in helping people with cancer.   It’s a short term process with her but I am excited to work with her and I think she can really help me deal with those things that hang over me with this diagnosis.   
   I will let you all know the results of my scans.  And to celebrate those results I go right into infusion after I meet with my doctor.  
   Thank you for your love, support and prayers.   

this weekend we celebrated beth's upcoming wedding and it was so good to just get to have an afternoon to celebrate her and her awesome fiancé lars. so happy for both of them.
tomorrow i go in early for bloodwork and then i have an appointment to see if we are going to increase my treatment meds and if we are going to add the second drug back in. i will let you know how it goes with a post tomorrow night.

for now i am off to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz before my big brother starts harassing me.

gloves up for beth.


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