Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Update

Days continue to be a grind of nausea, exhaustion, and frustration.  Alli went back to work Monday working partial days as the baby steps continued forward.  After talking with the doctors we adjusted some of the medications around to help her sleep at night as well as to balance out some of the meds.  We took one step forward with the adjustment in that she slept better last night as was able to get to sleep right away.  We also took one step back in that the revised planned had a big gap in time between meds so the nausea started to come back in full force during the day.  So we decided time for a new plan again for tomorrow to help get that step back. 

The doctor also wants to check her blood again and get an MRI of Alli's brain as a precaution because of the on-going nausea.  So tomorrow we will head over to SCCA to give her some more fluids and do some bloodwork, then head over to UW to do the MRI.  We'll get the results of the MRI on Monday when we head back over for her scheduled dose of Round #4 of the 2-drug treatment.  So keep the prayers and good thoughts coming that for good MRI results. 

Also, please add in a second dose of prayers and good thoughts for Kim.  Her second surgery is also scheduled for tomorrow at UW as well.  Its a 7-8 hours surgery followed by a few days in the hospital for recovery.  We'll need the continued good thoughts and prayers as we get through these as a family. 


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