Sunday, February 12, 2017

around here

+++ around here we are super thankful that kim got good news this week from her surgery. the cancer did not spread and was not in her lymph nodes. which is the best news that we could have got. her first surgery was essentially her treatment and she will not need to do any chemo or radiation. tomorrow she heads back up to seattle cancer care alliance for her post-op appointment and then goes to UW for a scan that is needed before her next surgery. she is doing as well as she could during this recovery and has been able to get out for some walks and fresh air. thanks for all of the love and mojo that you are sending her and please keep it up.

+++ around here i am still rooting for my friend mary in wisconsin. her test results confirmed that the melanoma has not spread and is within the area of her leg that she already knew about. super thankful that it has not spread and is not in her organs. she will be having some follow up tests this month to determine next steps. please keep sending her the love and mojo.

+++ around here i ordered this empathy kindness respect t-shirt because our world needs more of all three and the profits on the shirt go to support the international rescue committee. but act fast if you want one, as the sale is going on only through 8pm monday night.

+++ around here i am super proud of the awesome work my friend kelly barton has in her esty shop. so good.

+++ around here i am super proud of my friend liz for starting a dream of hers with the talisman of the month club and if you, or someone you know, needs some self-care each month you should  definitely check it out.

+++ around here we celebrated my dad's 72nd birthday yesterday. we ate really good food (thanks mom), laughed (thanks fam), and loved getting to watch him blow out his candles and make his wish for the 72nd time.

+++ around here we are gearing up for all the fun that comes with valentine's day. the box for valentine's. writing out each valentine and adding candy hearts to each one. having a valentine's party. i don't know about you, but when i was in school, valentine's day was one of my favorites. actually, it still is.

+++ around here we went to see my grandma in her nursing home and she recognized us when we walked in and we even got to get some laughs in with her. it is amazing how much things have changed with her so quickly, i am glad that we were home and able to see her.

+++ around here we are loving the blue sky that came out today which seemed so odd after having 10 inches of snow drop on us on sunday and monday. but a week that includes some sledding and snowball fights and snowman building, and includes gorgeous blue sky works for me.

+++ around here we thinking about plans for our house and projects we want to complete.

+++ around here i am mentally gearing up for treatment day tomorrow.

+++ around here i have been nauseas for most of the last 5 days. i can't seem to get a break except for when my meds kick in and i get a little reprieve. this has been a brutal run and has made me cancel plans and stick close to home for the most part. when it comes on, it comes on strong and is unrelenting. i am hoping that this is not a new normal for me, because as you all know, i would take on just about any other side effect other than nausea as it is just so debilitating. ugh.

+++ around here i am continuing to eat a banana a day so that i don't get charlie horses during the night. last week we ran out of bananas and i totally forgot to get some on the way home. big, big mistake. i had two massive charlie horses in both legs at the same time at about 2am. it was so damn painful my legs were sore for days afterwards. so me and bananas are best buds these days. 

+++ around here i can't believe that is the middle of february. seriously, wasn't it just january 1st?

+++ around here i am continuing to read library books as much as i can.

+++ around here i have been sending out some happy mail and loving it.

+++ around here i am drinking orange juice every day. it is the only liquid besides water that tastes good anymore. my appetite has continued to take a serious nose dive and most things either do not taste good at all or do not even sound good enough to taste. but oj hits the spot.

+++ around here i miss writing in this space.

+++ around here i am hoping that you all had a great weekend, and that your mondays get off to a great start.

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