Thursday, February 23, 2017

Nausea Sucks!!!!

As you can maybe tell from the title and the first letter of this post, OMG capital letters, Alli is not writing this post; the Husband is. 

Unfortunately the nausea that had been ramping up since before the last treatment has continued to get worse.  Alli has been pretty much bedridden since last Saturday as the nausea has been constant and relentless.  We've been working with the doctors to try some different combinations of meds but they wanted her to come in today to run some bloodwork and give her some meds. 

The good news is that the bloodwork pretty much came back normal and her liver levels are staying right where they should be.  The only blood level that came back out of whack was one that roughly correlates to her nutrition level which wasn't a big shock for someone who hasn't ate/ drank much lately.  As I type she is getting some IV fluids to help with her dehydration as well as some IV nausea meds which should hopefully both help get her over this hump.  She will also now have a 4th nausea medicine in her cocktail to hopefully hold off the nausea moving forward. 

Though having to come SCCA for these circumstances really sucks, the kindness of the people here does at least help make it as good of a bad situation as possible.  From the receptionist that brings out a warm blanket to Alli since she can tell she is feeling so crappy to the nurse gets the big room early and offers Alli to come back and lay down; from the scheduler who kindly bribes another scheduler with chocolate to find Alli an earlier IV time to the other receptionist that brings out a pillow to make Alli more comfortable for the couple minutes while we wait to go back for her IV; there are so many wonderful people here to help with situation as best and in whatever way that they can.
More to come later and keep all the no nausea good thoughts coming. 



  1. Thanks for the update ... sending huge no nausea thoughts your way!

  2. Extra prayers for Alli's comfort and health today. Go away nausea.
    Scarlett from Oak Brook