Monday, February 13, 2017

round 3

this is going to a short one because i am currently in serious nausea hell.

my liver levels were good today so i got to do round three. super thankful for that.

if i can do round 4, then we will wait three weeks and do scans. i will likely then go back on the one drug rotation as the dual combo is only meant to be taken for four rounds. so let's hope that these 4 rounds are working some tumor magic and we see some serious shrinking or see them totally annihilated.

kim was at scca today for her follow up appointment after surgery so her and my brother hung out in my room with me and barrett for a little bit before her appointment. her appointment went well with her surgeon and she is healing well. super thankful for that.

anywhere i fight, you fight.

happy valentine's day to you all. give yourselves some extra love tomorrow, you deserve it.


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