Thursday, February 2, 2017

for mary

"you can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you"
(mary tyler moore)

tomorrow is my friend mary's PET scan where they do a full body scan to determine if there is melanoma anywhere else other than her leg.

so i need you all to kick up your mojo, love, and prayers and shoot them to little chute, wisconsin in the morning.

mary is already brave because she has been fighting melanoma for years now, and as we all know, melanoma is not a wonderful thing.

but because she is brave, i know that she will face this head on like she does with everything she has done throughout her fight. and i have a very good feeling that this scan is going to come back with the all clear except for the area that we already know is a problem. mary send me a picture this week of her in a hat that read "melanoma sucks worse than the president". enough said.

so let's send more love to wisconsin in the morning than that state will even know what to do with.

i am also happy to update that kim was released today from the hospital and is doing as well as possible. she has meds to help with the pain and has been able to get some rest throughout the day -- and hopefully that trend continues through the night. thank you for all the love that you have sent her way.

with all of the crazy (understatement) things going on in our world right now, it brings me great comfort to know that there are so many good, good people i know that care so much about others and their stories. love and kindness win, even in the darkest days, i know that is true.

thank you for being one of the people that allows me to know that.

you all are the very best kind of magic.

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