Thursday, March 2, 2017

Some Good News

When you get good news you have to share it, even if your exhausted and needing to go to sleep.  Originally we thought we would have to wait on the results of the MRI of her brain until Monday when we have her regularly scheduled doctor appointment.  Well we got a phone call today from the nurse and she said that Alli's MRI came back normal... woo hoo!!!!

While that was great news to hear, Alli's nausea decided it wanted to put a damper on the celebration and came back in full force today.  The new meds we got yesterday really work on the nausea but also make her pretty loopy and very drowsy which doesn't work for her during the day.  We got a half-dose to see if we could get to a happy medium.  Here is hoping we can soon find the right combination and sequencing of meds to get the nausea away without putting her into a drowsy state that seems to be eluding us right now.



  1. Alli - I think of you and pray for you everyday. I hate the nausea you are enduring and pray it goes away. I do want you to know that you are my 3rd most admired person in the living world. Your bravery has made me brave, too. Without your inspiration, I would have had such a hard time going through some health problems - aorta aneurysm repair and melanoma in my arm. I felt you on my shoulder while going through this and didn't want you pulling on my ear if I started having a pity party about my situation.

    I am so happy about your good news today.
    Scarlett from Oak Brook IL

  2. Hooray for a clear MRI!!!! Praying that nausea go away for good!!!

  3. Praying for normal Alli. So sorry. Thank you Barrett for keeping us up to date. xoxo