Wednesday, February 1, 2017

surgery day + happy mail for kim

thanks for all the good vibes for kim.

her surgery today went as well as it could have. the surgeon indicated that there were no surprises during surgery, and they were able to remove the needed lymph nodes with the same incisions as the main surgery so that was good news.

kim got out of surgery around 4 today and was in her room by about 6 or so. she was doing as well as can be expected, and luckily, was not nauseas from coming off of the anesthesia. i am so relieved about that as i was hoping that she would not have to deal with that.

she was resting well when we headed home tonight and will hopefully get some good sleep tonight. we were all up together until after 1am last night because we couldn't sleep, we got a little bit between 2 and 5am, and then were up and getting ready to head to seattle. so i would say at this point we are all pretty exhausted (nothing compared to how tired kim is).

my sister (aka "nerd" for those of you that have read this blog long enough) are organizing a happy mail campaign for kim. for those that haven't read this blog long enough to know what those are, it is when we send a deserving recipient some fun mail to cheer them up. a card, a postcard, a package, it can be anything - just needs to help cheer them up and lift their spirits. the way it works is that we assign a week to each person and that way we know that kim will get some fun mail every week as she recovers from this surgery, goes through her second surgery at the beginning of march, and recovers from that one and moves through what comes next. if you would like to participate, just let me know and nerd and i will be in touch with more details on the logistics.

thanks for all the love and prayers and mojo for kim, we all carried them with us through this long day and they worked - we are super thankful that all went well, there were no surprises, and she is doing well.

thank you from all of us. xo

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