Thursday, January 29, 2015


this will be my last post of the week as tonight i am going to keep beth company after she gets her port taken out today. a big milestone in her recovery and path forward post surgeries and radiation/chemo. super proud of her for fighting so hard through the last year, and for being brave as she starts to find her way through life again without doctor appointments and treatments being a daily part of it.

i have included below her latest update so that you know the significance of this day through her own words.

i hope that you all have a great weekend, may it include some kindness and magic. xo

"Tomorrow I say goodbye to the port. I have to admit I am a bit nervous about it, at least the procedure and recovery. I remember it hurt when it got put in, so I assume it will hurt being taken out. They will sedate me of course and I have to go through surgery like prep, showering with the special soap and no eating or drinking before the procedure. Butt it's a big step. I hope this means my doctors are confident I don't need it anymore. As confident as any of us can be. I still am cautious with how "excited" I am that the cancer is gone. I know what the pathology report said, but I wait for the scans, the tests that tell me they don't see any cancer. But it will be nice to not have that bump in my chest, but the scar will live on.
I tried acupuncture today hoping it helps with my neuropathy. The acupuncturist told me it would take a few times before I see a lot of difference but should see some changes after the first couple visits. The needles are definitely small, and more flexible than I realized. It's fascinating that you can put a needle in my arm and it's connected to my intestine. There was one that she put in my arm that stung quite a bit but other than that it didn't feel too bad when the needles are placed, mostly a pinch. And then you lay there still for around 45 minutes. I fell asleep, which was nice. It was more relaxing than I thought it would be. Of course she had a nice heated blanket underneath me which helped.
I have started spending my time with purpose. I completed my animal handling training class for the Humane Society. I have now signed up for my first volunteer date. I will be working on their mobile adoption unit. So Seattlelites come visit me at the Max Mobile Unit. I felt like that would be a good place for me where I get to work with people and with the animals.
Also last Sunday I served breakfast at the SCCA House. Although it's much more than a house, it's quite a building. A great facility. It's where patients and caretakers stay who are from out of town that are being treated at SCCA. I was excited about serving. I was nervous I would get emotional and there was one point at the beginning where I started to, but I held it together. I met a nice couple from Virginia. He has been diagnosed with a very rare form of skin cancer so was here doing a clinical trial. I am so thankful we have such an amazing facility here in Seattle, in my backyard. Because I chatted with them about how hard it must be to be in a new City without your support network. I couldn't imagine having to do that and how much harder it would be. So thank you for not letting me have to do this alone. I shared my story with them as well and the wife commented how young I was. But cancer does not care how old you are, it is not discerning of sex, race or age. That is the ugly truth about cancer, it affects everyone. And for me it is always hardest to see the kids. I once saw an infant in infusion. Heartbreaking. I saw a video on facebook this morning about a young 6-year who has cancer and his friend and what a powerful friendship they had. They were goofy and so supportive of each other. The friend shaved his head so his friend didn't have to be the only kid without hair. The friend also started the sale of scarves to help raise money for his friend's medical bills. And their lively spirits were so touching and inspirational.
Last Thursday Alli and I went out to dinner and chatted for hours and caught up. When we asked for our bill we were told it was already taken care of. And we both looked at each other with surprise. It turns out the girl who had been sitting next to us and studying by herself told our waiter we seemed like sweet women and she wanted to pay for our bill. We were so touched by that. Neither of us have ever had that happen. Of course Alli and I joked we were going to take our show on the road and see what else people would buy for us. :) We aren't sure her reason, whatever it was we thank her and both of us plan to pay it forward. My first instinct was she heard us talking about cancer. And not that we talked about it a lot or is the focus of our time together, but it is something we unfortunately have in common and can talk about how it affects us, our relationships, our view on life. So I know there were comments sprinkled in our conversation referring to cancer. And maybe that wasn't it, but I am sure you have either gotten that reaction or maybe had that reaction when someone mentions something awful like cancer. I know the look, the tone of voice, when people find out.
I will let you all know how the port removal goes. I plan on feeling good enough Sunday to go cheer our Seahawks on to a win at the Superbowl!
Thanks for your love, support and prayers."

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