Monday, February 2, 2015

goodbye january

not too shabby for busting out 7 good goals in the last two weeks of the month.

it felt good to get back in the exercise groove after being down for the count with the virus and out of commission for two weeks.

sending happy mail is always awesome and was definitely one of my favorite boxes to check.

friday night i took a ferry over to bainbridge island with some girlfriends for drinks and dinner - had a great time checking out a very cool ale house (and so of course i had to have some ciders) and a great diner (that had really good gluten free pasta - yum!). so i pretty much hit that one out of the ballpark.

i am all over valentine's day planning and have some fun ideas for that little holiday that is rolling through in two weeks. how is that possible?

new favorite smoothie every morning - honeycrisp apple, kale, cucumber, frozen berries. malena even loves it so you know it is a winner.

i am currently reading unbroken and really liking it - i have only heard raves about this one so i am excited to keep moving through it.

m & b and i headed to frozen yogurt last week and saw our favorite worker, and surprise surprise, malena picked out strawberry yogurt and ate it with a blue spoon;)

so there are a couple of goals that will make their way into february, and that is totally fine with me. i will keep them in mind as i work through the others on the list. more on those soon.

hello tuesday, let's make it a good one.

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