Monday, January 19, 2015

just start


just start.

i know, easier said than done.

but anything and everything needs a start. it is that simple. hopefully it is a good one.

as this new year starts and i think that about all that i want to accomplish, i keep reminding myself that i just need to start.

a little progress is better than no progress.

if i start, i will be farther ahead at the end of that day than if i didn't start at all. and that is all that matters.

making progress, even if it is slow and steady.

so if you are looking for a little reminder to just start, leave me a comment/send me an email/send me a text message/trip me when i walk past you/send up smoke signals/leave a note on my door (preferably with candy;)) and i will enter you into a little giveaway. i will make 5 cards using the "just start" stamp and will send them to the lucky person that the random generator wizard selects.

let me know if want to be in the giveaway in by 8pm on tuesday (1/20). who knows, i might just put a little chocolate or some other goodie in with the cards -- we are talking about happy mail after all:)

remember, just start.

i bet you will be so glad that you did.

i am.


  1. Trying to make meditation a habit. I could use a reminder!

  2. I need to just start walking (or some sort of exercise) again.

  3. I really need to just start making time to craft again. Megan

  4. I could use a nudge to get back into running regularly! Ran a 5K on the weekend, with no training in over 2 months. Why I so sore again?! :-)

    Yes. Just start. xox