Wednesday, January 14, 2015

december goals

december goals.

good times. i did not get all of the goals done, which i was totally ok with, but ironically finished those ones too within the first two days of january.

in looking back on the list, here are a couple of thoughts on this list...
+++ eating candy while making gingerbread houses rocks
+++ zoo lights are always a good time, especially when taking my parents for their first time
+++ merry go 'rounds never get old (we went two times in a row)
+++ man, i love reading books and wish i could dive into them more often on a daily basis
+++ as in november, drinking three hard ciders was tough, but i dug deep again and made it happen. i am not a quitter. that is for sure.
+++ barrett and i signed up for a 5k polar plunge on 1/1/15 and that will be a blog post all by itself - one word summary: brrrrrrrr.
+++ ironic when i set the goal to "choose my word for 2015" that my word would be "choose"
+++ the movie "annie" was so good, and yes, i might have been more excited to see it than malena and i am ok with that. and yes, i might have sang along to almost every song and i am ok with that. and yes, i might have had "tomorrow" and "hard knock life" stuck in my head for weeks and i am ok with that. and yes, i was in good company on all of those points (thank you michelle, i knew you were my best movie date all these years for a reason;)
+++ december was full of a lot of hugs, and i loved each and every one of them.

so take that december goal list, i pretty much knocked you out of the park. thanks for the good times, you were great and i couldn't have ended the year on a better note.

and by the way december, i think that i loved that nap on january 1st after the polar plunge much more than i would have loved it in your month anyways. no offense.

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  1. Love these goals posts. You've inspired me to write out monthly goals in 2015. There is power in checking those little boxes off. Xoxo