Tuesday, January 27, 2015


my friend liz posted a blog post called "the heart.full collection" and i loved it for a couple of reasons.

as one who has previously in her life refered to valentine's day as "black xxxday" (substitute in whatever day of the week it fell on), i really identified with her words in the post.

especially these ones:

"And here's the thing about choosing to believe that "love always wins." It doesn't mean, "love always makes life easier" or "when someone loves you everything falls into place" or "you aren't winning if you aren't in love" or even "love will never hurt you." To me, it means a belief that keeping my heart open by choosing love (for those around me, for life, for the earth, for myself) will profoundly make the world a better place to live."

sometimes when liz writes (more often than not) i feel like her words are ones that i didn't know i was carrying until that moment i read them. yep, she is pretty awesome.

i also think it is so great that she is starting this new collection, and i love (big time) the hearts. i have many of her talismans, some i have bought for myself and others that have been given to me as gifts from family and friends. whenever barrett and i drive over to seattle for my scans, i carry them all in a special little box that i have. when we drive over two days later for the results, i carry them all in my hands for the entire drive and check-in process until the moment that my oncologist walks in the room. they bring me comfort and they give me strength.

everyone can use a little comfort and strength from time to time.

super excited for her and these new additions to her amazing shop.

so much good goes out into the world from her.

i think that most rainbows probably begin and end in very close proximity to her studio, which i am convinced is a little pot o' gold in tacoma making the world a much better place.

+++ elaine in cali -- super thankful that you decided to just start;) xo

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