Monday, January 5, 2015



that is my word for 2015.

this one came to me a few weeks ago, and when it stuck around in my head for a bit, i knew it was the one. i will carry the words from the previous years, like brave and believe, with me into 2015 as well. i still need those words too. i think that i always will.

we are only 5 days in, and i love it already.

i think that the list is probably unlimited, and there are reasons i don't even know of yet that this word will feel right throughout this year.

but here are some of the reasons i am excited about choose.

i choose to take more time to document our lives through words and pictures.

i choose to focus on slowing down, and saying no to more things so that i can say yes to the things that i really want to focus on.

i choose to send happy mail out into the world each and every week.

i choose to be active and continue to run and exercise multiple times each week.

i choose to do more 5k runs with a goal of improving my running time in each event.

i choose to have friends over for dinner more often, even if my house is in a little bit of chaos on the days they come over. it is the food and conversation we will all remember, not the toys across the living room floor.

i choose to use the time driving home from work to call friends and family rather than think through all of the things that i need to do when i get home or at work the next day. the lists in my head will always be there, so there is always time for a call.

i choose to carve out time to read the books and magazines that i love.

i choose to spend more time in our craft room with malena working on whatever our hearts desire. i want her to have vivid memories of us having time together creating in that special room.

i choose to drink more water and more smoothies.

i choose to cook new recipes.

i choose to go on a (or multiple) rock climbing date with my husband.

i choose to think more about how i spend my money.

i choose to make more gifts.

i choose to play more games, so far this year, i think i have already completed about 100 games of uno. our girl has a new love and it is called making her mom and dad draw two cards, the girl should go to vegas.

i choose to be a tourist in our state and check out some new places that we haven't been to before. more day trips. more weekend trips.

i choose to tackle (am signing barrett up for this one too) projects around the house.

i choose to get us outside for more adventures, we have a day hiking book focused on activities with kids that i plan to break in this spring.

i choose to get more sleep (big brother this one is for you).

i choose to bake more goodies.

i choose.

the possibilities are endless.

+++ i loved reading about why some others chose their words for this year, ali, elise, natalie,
+++ i really liked listening to the podcast where elise and ali talked about choosing their words and living them throughout the year - you can hear the podcast here, it is episode 38
+++ i am going to take ali's one little word class, i took it once before. this year i have decided that even if i don't do all (or any) of the monthly exercises, it will help me to connect with my word throughout the year and do a gut check on whether or not i am following the intent i am starting out with.
+++ although i already had my word, i thought that liz's post was a great one about the things to consider as you choose your word

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