Tuesday, January 20, 2015

mid-january goals

so even with the very best of intentions, i didn't get my january goals down at the start of the month.

then i got sick.

and then hello mid-january.

so even though this is the 20th day of the month, i am busting out some goals for the rest of the month. just start, right? yep, probably good if i follow my own advice.

so i have a good mix of projects for the next 11 days.

exercise (low goal as my energy is still tanked). happy mail. eating at a place i haven't been to before. planning for some valentine's day happy mail. spending time documenting and working on pictures. trying a new smoothie recipe. reading. eating frozen yogurt. signing up for my next 5k.

looking forward to the next 11 days and getting these boxes checked (kirsten, you are right - there is power in checking off those boxes;) xo)

so look out end of january, me and my low energy level are coming for you and we are going make it happen.

+++ abby -- congrats my dear, you are the winner for the "just start" cards;) so some happy mail will be coming your way soon! xoxo

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