Thursday, May 22, 2014

mary, part ii + weekend

thanks for all of the good vibes for mary's pet scan today, i know that it will bring good news tomorrow. at 11am wisconsin time on friday, mary gets the results. so keep the love, mojo, and prayers coming her way for the results that we are hoping for. i know it will be news that the margins are contained and one more surgery will take care of the black beast (for good). there is just no other option so that pretty much has to be how this goes down. thanks for the extra security with all of the good vibes you are sending her way.

i don't know about you, but i am ready for a weekend. this has been a long kick-me-in-the-ass kind of week. i am tired and ready for some down time, hoping that my work phone doesn't light up over the weekend. i can only hope.

in the meantime, the weekend will be full of good things. starbucks date with my girl. lunch date with my melonoma mate deb. running, lots of running. sleep, hopefully lots of sleeping. a visit from my sister (yay!!). horse races where i will hopefully win enough money to be able to retire and not go to work on tuesday (or ever again --- big money, no whammies). did i mention sleep already? time in my craft room. organizing the happy mail for beth version 2.0 (if you want to be part of the happy mail campaign let me know anytime). three campout nights. downloading some new music to listen to on my runs. getting some happy mail ready to send out. on and on it goes.

have a great weekend peeps, make the most of it. xoxo

important sidenote:
+++ mary -- you are going to get good news, i know that without a doubt. i will crack open a cold hard cider tomorrow to celebrate the news, i have it chilling right now. btw, f&ck cancer.
+++ one thing on my 6 month list (will share that soon) is to do a gallery wall in our living room. elise blaha cripe just listed this amazing print and i ordered mine right away and am super excited for it to come. if you too need a little inspiration to believe that the best is yet to come, you should get yourself one (they are limited edition and i can't actually believe that there are any left so hurry up. go now. don't wait. you aren't going fast enough).

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