Sunday, May 4, 2014

around here

around here we had a really good weekend.
around here we had campouts and fruit smoothies.
around here we slept in both days which was awesome because i am so tired. i am always reminded of how anxiety and stress can absolutely wipe me out when scans are near and i have zero energy.
around here we had a princess in our house before she went to a special birthday party.
around here we had a magic show for a couple of hours, there was a lot of abracadbra-ing in our living room. my kelly rae roberts box was her special magic box.
around we went to our favorite coffee shop for breakfast this morning. so good.
around here we went to the aquarium and saw every fish, otter, seal, bird, octopus, jellyfish they had. she got to high five the diver which she thought was so cool.
around here we went for a ride on the merry-go-round and raced our horses, of course hers won.
around here we went for a ride on the great wheel and got to see downtown seattle looking good even on this rainy and dark sunday.

around here we laughed, and hugged, and hugged some more.
around here we watched toy story while curled up under our favorite blankets, maybe my most favorite part of the day because she got to lay next to me which we won't get to do tomorrow night.
around here i took a couple of moments to myself when the tears started to come and i needed to catch my breath.
around here we are so thankful for all of the love and support that we have surrounding us this week.
around here i saw this sign at the aquarium today and my first thought was my vision of a perfect world is one that doesn't have cancer in it.
around here i am super bummed that beth is back in the hospital again due to the side effects from her radiation/chemotherapy. it is just not fair and it pisses me off. we were supposed to both be at seattle cancer care alliance at the same time tomorrow as she had some appointments there. i never wish that any of my friends have to be there for their own appointments. but in this cruel twist of fate that cancer causes, i would chose for her to be there meeting with her oncologist instead of in the hospital. we have both been saying some f*ck cancer mantras today as you can imagine.
around here i am dreading tomorrow.
around here i am begging the fates to give me more time.
around here i will take as much of it as i can get.
around here, anywhere i go, you go. xo

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