Tuesday, March 25, 2014

to the coast

it is time for me to head to the coast for a few days.

to slow down.

to take some deep breaths.

to leave some fear and anxiety on the sands of the beach, and hope that the tide carries them far out.

to wish.

to dream.

to talk with friends.

to paint.

to create.

to write.

to laugh.

to hug.

to cry. i know there will be tears.

to say my thanks.

to try and heal a bit and find new some renewed energy for continuing to find my way through sharing my life with cancer. that part of my life that i so wish never had to be part of my story (or anyone else's).

to gather up some strength to keep up the fight.

to refocus on my priorities and how i want to spend my time.

to be.

just to be.

i will also be sending a ton of love north to beth as she finishes this first phase in her battle against cancer when she completes her radiation/chemo round this week. the side effects are now very tough on her, so send her lots and lots of love and prayers and good thoughts. thanks again also to all of those that signed up to be part of the happy mail campaign, beth wrote this on her site today, "Alli - thanks for setting up that campaign. I have no idea how long it lasts but it is so helpful and something to look forward to."

i hope that you all have a good rest of your weekend and a great weekend as well.

anywhere i go, you go. xo

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