Tuesday, March 4, 2014

one of those

today was definitely one of those days that felt like i held the shit in one hand and the joy in the other.

let's review the hand with the shit.

started out with an appointment at my derm's office. i had a small lump on my left forearm. he doesn't think that it is anything that we will need to be worried about, but he removed it, i got stitches (again) and now we wait on results. so now the upper and lower parts of my left arm will have scars. that just leaves the lower part of my right arm, maybe the tattoo on my wrist will be good karma. i sure as hell hope so. send good mojo to my sore arm, i should hear from my derm by the beginning of the week.

work. enough said. brutal day. thinking i might not want to back. will sleep on it;)

major kiddo meltdown at bedtime. it was epic. you may have heard it from where you were (trust me, it was louder where i was).

let's review the hand with the joy.

morning laughter with malena. hearing "momma, i am going to wait to eat my breakfast until your breakfast is ready too so we can eat together."

green tea.

the line of ten people in front of me at the post office going faster than i thought it would.

getting to spend some qt with beth on the eve of her birthday. even though part of our qt was spent at uw for her radiation treatment, i would not have wanted to be anywhere else but there since that is where she needed to be.

some down time with malena and barrett at the end of the day (before the epic meltdown;)).

good news for my friend mike that he got from his latest round of tests. there is some follow up occuring on a hot spot that showed up so more to come, but good news in that his pet scan was almost clear and his bone marrow test showed that the cancer tissue has decreased from 7% to 0.01%. awesome! keep the prayers going his way.

so all in all, both hands felt full today -- at certain moments one hand feeling a little heavier than the other.

but that is what it is all about, carrying both at the same time, while you keep moving forward -- and being so thankful that you get to be here to experience all of it (yes, even the epic meltdown).

have a good wednesday, and to beth -- happy, happy birthday my dear, sending you lots of love as always on your special day. xo

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