Sunday, March 23, 2014

around here

around here we are sad that the weekend is coming to a close, as always, it has gone way to fast.

around here i had a mystery night with my girlfriends and my friend kerry planned a night of fun. dinner at a great brewery (that had a ton of good gluten free options which i appreciated) and then we did the cycle saloon throughout ballard and had a blast. we had such a good time and there was (as usual) about a million laughs. i love our monthly mystery nights, always an adventure.

around here we had a girls day with lunch, painting pottery, and cupcakes with friends. perfect saturday afternoon.

around here we watched malena swim four laps up and down the full size pool during her lessons.

around here we are in love with our newest family member harper.

around here we had campout nights and lazy mornings with cartoons.

around here we made our first trip to the park in the beautiful sunday sunshine, hello spring, you are looking good.

around here we are sending good thoughts and prayers to all that lost their homes due to the massive mudslide in snohomish county, to all of the emergency workers that are working around the clock, and to all of those that are still missing and their families.

around here we are rooting on beth as she heads into her final week of chemo/radition, and we are sending her good vibes as she battles her way through all of the side effects. you can do this, i know that without a doubt.

around here we are loving seeing the pics of the lykkens on vacation and chase checking out the shade
around here i am getting excited to head to the your story retreat in oregon later this week. it will be some much needed time to catch my breath and slow way down, and spend time with friends. i am so looking forward to it.

around here we have been playing book store and i get to be the the cashier while malena is the librarian. we have one main customer who has spent quite a bit of money on books;)

around here it is past my bedtime, so i better sign off before i get reprimanded by my big brother.

around here i hope that your week gets off to a great start. xo

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