Friday, March 14, 2014


i am so happy that it is friday.

we made it through our appointment with the realtors yesterday (even without any tears) and will know more in the coming weeks about what decisions we will make.

in the meantime, i am looking forward to this weekend.

a day that is going to be spent primarily out of the office. lunch with friends. a happy hour event to recognize the hard work of one of my staff. popcorn. campouts. sleeping in (this time change has caused to me feel like i am moving as fast as a snail, and that might be a generous comparison). seeing my parental team and family. a bunco fundraiser to raise money for our annual walk for fred hutchinson cancer research. sleeping in (did i mention that already?). crafting up some bridal shower invitations. time with malena and barrett relaxing. slowing down, taking some deep breaths, taking care of myself.

the weekend is looking good, so glad that it is almost here.

also, the winner of the card giveaway was kadeena, congrats!

have a good weekend peeps, talk to you on the flip side. xo

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