Sunday, January 12, 2014

keep the mojo going + polar plunge

we need to keep the mojo going to beth and mary, but the mojo is working as there has been good news that has come out of the bad. for that i am thankful.

mary developed a third lump in her leg, and so her oncologist pushed up her pet scan from the 17th to the end of last week. the pet scan showed that the melanoma has not spread to her major organs which is great news, huge relief. so she will be meeting with a doctor in chicago to see what the next steps are in terms of surgery on her leg. so we need to keep the magic going as she continues on this latest part of her journey with melanoma. i sent mary a shirt this week that said "i am going to kick cancer's ass" - might be a good one for her to wear to chicago;) thanks also to all of you that have signed up for the happy mail for mary campaign, you all rock. if anyone still wants to sign up, you can sign up anytime:)

beth got good news this week too on friday. on friday she got confirmation when we met with her surgeon that the cancer has not spread -- which was awesome news, so relieved about that. i was honored to spend friday with beth and her mom while she had tests and got results. i wish we would have been anywhere else, but if that is where beth had to be, then that is where i wanted to be. so in the next couple of weeks beth will begin treatment and then surgery will follow, with some further treatment to come after that. so we need to keep tons of mojo and prayers going to beth as she continues to start down this path that no one ever wants to be on. but like mary, i know that she is going to kick cancer's ass and is ready to fight. in fact, i am pretty sure that i saw some boxing gloves in her purse on friday. i think that her mom had a matching set in her bag as well. cancer better not mess with the two of them or it will gets its you-know-what knocked out cold.

i will continue to keep you all posted on mary and beth as there are updates to share.

chase's family is going to be participating in a polar plunge to raise money for special olympics. i am all for raising money for good causes, and i think that chris's words (chase's dad) describe perfectly why this is so important to them this year. so i will let you read his words for yourself.

"Bring It!!
:) Well, its official! We are signed up for the Polar Plunge on Feb 15th. We have a team put together -"Chasers Warriors", and there is room for more. So I swore the last couple of years during this event that I would NEVER do it and this year I have had a change of heart. I have been asked by a couple of people, why the polar plunge? Do you think Chase is going to go to the Special Olympics someday?- Heres the deal- this event has nothing to do with Chase- its much bigger than that. 100% of the proceeds go to the Special Olympics. One of the countless things that Lisa and I have learned from this accident is to appreciate what you have, and appreciate those around you. If you would have asked me a year ago what the Special Olympics was all about, I would have given you a completely different answer. But now I know, that is about goals and accomplishments. It is about families that have been given extra challenges and have pressed on. it is about children who have been looked at different and felt different - and this is their time to shine, and feel good about all their hard work- and this is for those parents out there that wanted nothing more that for their children to live a good, happy life- simply put.....It is about the Human Spirit ---- and that is why we are doing this!

Here is a link to our team page to donate - it is a one time donation, and you can give as little as $1 - and as much as you want - you can even do it anonymously . Please do not feel obligated to donate- but I am hoping that we completely BLOW OUT our team goal and make this year special for those families out there that need the help.

God is Good!"

i hope that you all had a great weekend, and that you made the most of it. i hope that your weeks gets off to a good start. may this week bring you some moments to help you remember how life can continue to bring special moments, even during the times when everything seems to be going wrong. xoxo

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