Monday, January 20, 2014

good times + good news

this weekend we headed to suncadia for some fun, and we got exactly what we were looking for. it was great to have so much joy packed into such a short amount of time. s'mores by the fire on a beautiful night. sleeping in. blueberry pancakes for breakfast. ice skating (pretty sure that i am going to be on the olympic team in no time). tubing down a very fast sledding hill. swimming. hot tub. great spaghetti dinner. bounce houses. playing supersized connect four (and winning, don't ask barrett, but i am pretty sure that i won two and he won none - just sayin'). second round of s'mores by the campfire. egg breakfast with fruit and awesome cinnamon raisin toast. some more quick runs down the tubing hill. tons of laughter. amazing how much fun can get packed into a weekend when the only thing on your to do list is to have fun. loved it. a million new memories in the books, my most favorite part.

the last few days have also brought some good great news.
mary got confirmation on friday that she will not need to begin treatment in addition to surgery, yes!!! so she will meet with the surgeon soon to get the planning underway. i know that all of the happy mail we are going to send her will help keep that good mojo going her way.
jennifer got confirmation today that her biopsies came back clean, woohoo!!!! so, so happy about that.
i think that 2014 took my last letter pretty seriously and is starting to turn things around, i knew that we would get on the same page.
happy tuesday peeps, may it bring you some fun and good news of your own. xo

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