Monday, December 17, 2018

Hospital Update - Day 3

Alli had a really good afternoon yesterday.  She still had some speech and short term memory issues but she was awake and alert for over 6 hours, the most she has been in probably a couple weeks. She was also alert and with it enough that they let her start eating food again which is another great step.

In talking with the doctors this morning at rounds the plan is to keep going with the planned radiation treatments, including today.   While she is on radiation they are also going to leave her on the higher dose of steroids to hopefully offset any issues from the radiation.  A couple of the early bacterial infection cultures came back negative for an infection so they are giving them one more day before saying it wasn't an bacterial infection.  The viral infection tests are still pending.

On some better news if she can keep improving as she as been then they think the goal would be to be discharged tomorrow (Tuesday) after her radiation treatment appointment.  I know a certain 10 year old that would be ecstatic to have her mom back at home so we are focusing on that right now!


  1. Holding that vision that you'll be going home tomorrow! xoxoxoxox

  2. Thank you for updating is much appreciated. I think of you all hourly. Love to Big Al...and you all.