Friday, December 21, 2018

Back to the hospital again

Our time staying at home unfortunately ended again as Alli had to be re-admitted to the hospital late Thursday night.  After the rough night at home on Tuesday night, Wednesday night was actually a little better.  Alli tossed and turned all night so it wasn't great but she wasn't woken up by headaches or nausea.  We got her up for breakfast and her first set of morning pills and she had a mild headache and a little nausea as she ate a little breakfast.  She rested for about another hour then she had her second set of morning pills and started to get ready to head to her radiation appointment in the morning.  As she was getting ready she started to feel worse and worse with nausea and a headache followed by vomiting every half hour or so.  

After an hour of not getting any better we headed into UW and after seeing the radiation oncologist we headed to the ER instead of getting her radiation.  The initial set of brain scans didn't show any new findings and no acute bleeding in the brain which was good.  Her nausea and headaches weren't getting any better and then she had a seizure for a few long minutes while in the ER room.  Between the seizure and the medicine they gave her just after the seizure she was stable but essentially non-responsive for about 3 hours before they were able to get her to open her eyes by squeezing her finger.  The next 4 hours were monitoring her in the ER as they determined whether she was going to be admitted to the oncology unit or into the ICU.    

So about 1am on Friday they admitted here to the general oncology unit.  She is a little more responsive now but still has consistent headaches and nausea they are trying to control as best as they can.  We haven't seen the doctors yet this morning to know what we think the next steps will be and if we think this is progression now or side effects of the radiation.  She did seem to get worse as the week went by with the radiation going on during the week.  She has had 7 of the 10 planned treatments so not sure if we will try and continue with her being inpatient or if we will stop.  More to come.

Where ever she fights you fight!