Monday, December 24, 2018

Alli Sunday Update

This is going to be a fairly short update tonight as its late and in reality it seems like every day ends with as many if not more unknowns that it started with.  What we do know now is that Alli actually had 10 seizures during the 16 or so hours they were doing the continuous EEG testing last night and into this morning.  The seizure activity in her brain was not from her entire brain, but one specific section every time. From that they added a second anti-seizure medication to her ever growing daily medication list.  

Alli has also not really been responsive over the last 36 hours.  The doctors know the different possibilities as to why that is but unfortunately there isn't a test or scan or anything to say right now it is because of this single reason.  The only definitive answer is that time will reveal what the answer was.  My engineer brain understands that but also really doesn't understand that.  I know what they are saying is rational but it has just been engrained in my mind that there is an answer to every problem.  Plug the information into an equation and out pops the correct answer.   I just wish I knew what that magic equation is for this problem.

We will talk with the doctors tomorrow morning and make a decision on if we move forward with the radiation tomorrow and there after and assess how these new medications are working.  More to come.

Wherever she fights you fight.


  1. Sending you, Alli and the entire family all my love and praying for answers and healing. ❤️

  2. You, Alli and Malena remain in our thoughts and prayers. With Love.