Sunday, December 16, 2018

Hospital Day 2

Quick update on Alli. 

She is better this morning as she has been talking for a couple short stints but is still sleeping the vast majority of time.  When she is talking she still has very little short term memory and is struggling to find her words a lot.  You can see in her eyes the frustration that she know exactly what she wants to say but that her mind just can't figure out how to get her mouth to say it.  

They have been giving her a bunch of different medicines as they don't know what caused the symptoms to come back.   They are giving her different short acting and long acting antibiotics, a much bigger dose of steroids, and a bigger dose of the anti-seizure medicines.  They have the test back for one specific infection that was negative and are waiting for the cultures on a coupe other infection tests.  If those come back negative they unfortunately don't have a test to say if this was a side effect of the radiation, disease progression in the brain, or some combination.  Absent any infection finding, the radiation oncologist recommends that we keep going with the radiation tomorrow (Monday).  Melanoma does not usually immediate react to radiation so the hope/ conjecture would be that if this was progression that this would be the delayed reaction to the radiation. Therefore it would be better to keep going and hope the radiation starts working soon.

Wherever she fights you fight!


  1. Sending love in overdrive. xoxo Ann

  2. Been following along for a really long time and sad to read these updates. Sending so much love and peace and happy thoughts to you all.