Wednesday, July 18, 2018

She's over the hospital stays

As you can imagine we are all a little sick, which is a big understatement, of our time in the hospital.  On the good side of the update Alli is on a good trajectory with her blood work improving, her blood pressure staying higher, and some other symptoms improving.  They thought yesterday they were going to have to do a different type of echocardiogram of her heart to check for infection which meant no eating or drinking for 6 hours before and then having a tube stuck down her throat for the procedure.  After further consultation with the cardiologists and looking at her updated condition and bloodwork they decided that test was unnecessary on this time and as long as she keeps improving.  That is the good side.

The not so good side of the update is that we are likely in the hospital for a day or two more.  For her to be discharged her blood pressure needs to stay up on its own without her getting IV fluids, her fever needs to stay away, and she needs to have some other side effects of the infection on the right path.  We lost a day on the blood pressure part as for the heart test above she had to quit eating/ drinking and they had to keep her hydrated with IV fluids.  While that is good and what was needed that also meant there was no way to see if her blood pressure would stay up on its own without IV fluids.

So long story short, Alli's condition is improving which is the most important part; but unfortunately we likely have some more time in the hospital before she gets to go home.  And as you can see from the blog post, she is definitely over the stays in the hospital and being away from Malena and enjoying our life at home.

Alli also just got a great update from Beth.  She just got her scan results back; the scans were stable and the two largest tumors have shrunk some.

Let's hope the good news continues for all!

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