Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Return trip to hospital

Unfortunately Alli had to be admitted back into UW hospital late Sunday night.  She fainted a couple times on Sunday and started to run a fever.  Luckily when she fainted she was around someone both times that could help get her down without just falling to the ground hard.  They were able to confirm that she has a C-dif infection of her stomach which can be common after the antibiotic treatment she had from the hospital stay.  She has had the fever and some pretty bad chills while she has been in the hospital as well.  The doctors here have been talking with her oncologist we are holding off on her cancer treatment while we are in the hospital and until we see the oncologist (have an appointment scheduled for next Monday).  Her blood pressure had been staying up but is a little lower last night (not like the last hospital visit but a little lower than normal) so they want that to go back up and her fevers to stay away.  They have her on antibiotics targeted for this new infection so we are hoping they work fast so we can go home soon.  I know it is really hard on her to have another special day, her birthday today (the 17th), effected by another hospital visit so it would be nice to get home and get ready for some new memories with some upcoming getaways.


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  1. thank you for the update. sending so much love to all of you.