Monday, July 30, 2018

kicking off a new happy mail campaign for kelli and i hope you will join me

a couple of posts ago i wrote that while i was in the hospital the time before last, john finished his fight with melanoma stage iv and hung up his gloves for the last time.

john leaves behind family and friends, but also his wife kelli who describes herself now as "trying to navigate widowhood, my better half lives on through me." they were married last october.

it has now been over a month since john hung up his gloves and i know that some days are harder than hell due to the grief, and some days are a little easier. it swings day to day.

i asked kelli if a happy mail campaign may help as she moves through these months. she said yes.

so here we are.

this will be the first time we have a done a happy mail campaign for a widow of melanoma. i would like this campaign to let kelli know she has support from near and far and to just keep taking everything one step at a time (pretty much her current motto). 

if you have not heard of a happy mail campaign, we do them pretty often on the blog . the way it works is you tell me you would like to have a week assigned to send kelli happy mail. the week you are assigned, you just need to send her at least one piece of happy mail (a card, a postcard, etc.). if you want to send more, you are certainly welcome to. that way every week kelli gets something in the mail (other than bills and death paperwork) to let her know there is a whole army cheering her on from near and far.

if you would like to participate, email me/instagram me/facebook me/text me/leave a comment on the blog, rent a hot air balloon, whatever it takes --- and i will sync you up with my friend kristy who is helping to organize this campaign and will have all of kelli's likes and her address - and kristy will tell you which week you are assigned.

if you have any questions, please let me know.

gloves up.

let's make kelli's days a little brighter.

are you in?


  1. Hi Alison - I'm in for the happy mail. Grief last forever and you can never have too much support.

  2. Please sign me up too for Kelli's happy mail campaign, I'm happy to participate - was referred to you by Jenn N.

  3. I’m in.....hopefully not too late. Is there any way I can just be added to an “I’m in” list? ❤️❤️