Wednesday, July 25, 2018

next steps for me

i had my oncologist appointment today.

bloodwork looked good. 

today i went back on one of my treatment meds at a lower dose.

if that holds and i don't end up back in the hospital (let's all cross our fingers please) then in two weeks we will up the dose and potentially add the second drug i was on back into the mix.

i will have scans in the middle to end of august. it is too early to do them now because i have been on and off the treatment meds too much due to the hospital stays, and having to take the antibiotics and steroids in between all of that.

i am still on the antibiotics, i am off the steroids as of today (hallafreakinluah).

the rash is going away and the welts are pretty much gone - and that is a very good thing. trust me.

so that is the plan moving forward now. one day, one pill, one blood pressure check, one breath at a time.

i hope that you all had a good wednesday.

thanks for all of the love, prayers, and ongoing mojo.

maybe, just maybe, the tide will start to turn.

we can only hope.

gloves up. xoxoxoxo

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