Saturday, July 21, 2018

for jennifer and michael - start kicking up the vibes for monday please

jennifer and michael get her scan results on monday on whether her treatment is working to fight the cancer (which we know it will be, no other options will be considered).

so we all need to start sending our love, prayers, mojo, whatever good stuff you have got their way.

the appointment is on monday in seattle at 1pm.

i am sending this tonight so you get it on sunday and have a whole extra day to send the good stuff.

don't worry, i will send a reminder tomorrow too - you knew that was coming.

so let's work our magic for them.

go team.

gloves up.

michael and jennifer - this army is with you, and they are a powerful crowd so cancer is probably heading south on I-5 as I type this.

we are with you.

love you two to the moon and back (and then back again).


+++ quick personal update - the rash and welts across my body are in full effect still. the prednisone is taking its own sweet time kicking in. i better see progress tomorrow or all hell might break lose around here. stay tuned.

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