Tuesday, June 12, 2018

nausea, you are such an ass kicker

all of a sudden today at about 2pm the nausea hit. 

and i took one of my meds to help.

and then a little bit after that the tidal wave came and i could not even stand up.

good thing that my boss has a couch in his office because i barely made it there to lay down.

thank goodness that barrett and i work at the same office as i caught him just before he was leaving and told him he was going to have to drive me home (we don't drive together because of our kiddo's drop off/pick up schedule). so he drove home and I tried not to vomit in the car. i got home and immediately took my other nausea med and laid down in bed. that second med finally kicked in, i could eat a little, and then went to watch malena's gymnastics.

and now i am super tired but have to wait until 10 to take my last dose of meds.

i also wanted to ask for good vibes and thoughts for beth tomorrow as she heads into chemo round 3 - send her all the mojo you have; and to john and kelli who are home with hospice care doing "the best they can" in her words (i can't even imagine how hard that is, she posted a picture today of them holding hands and i know i felt my heart crumble again to the bottom of my feet).

also, lisa (who you all know from doing happy mail for her as she recovered from breast cancer radiation and side effects) has taken on a project of knitting blankets (and coordinating with other knitters around the country - how awesome is that???) for kaylee's project for kids with cancer that i wrote about in this post. if you are a knitter or make blankets, and would like to make some blankets to donate to this project, let me know and i will put you in touch with lisa who will organize it and coordinate through crystal (our happy mail campaign manager for kaylee).

so onward we go, we will see what tomorrow brings. i hope that it does not bring nausea, i know it will bring muscle aches and on and off fevers/chills because those aren't going away. pretty sure those are here to stay. i think that i would take those over the nausea, it is just that debilitating for me. ugh.

happy wednesday peeps, we are halfway there. thank goodness. am i right? i know, i am totally right (insert fist bump emoji here). xo

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