Monday, June 18, 2018

Hospitals are no fun :(

This is the husband which you might have been able to tell by the actual use of capital letters. Alli wanted to give a quick update since the blog has been quite for a couple days.

As you can tell by the title the last couple days didn’t quite turn out according to plan. Alli got some nausea, big chills, and then high fevers on Friday.  Then very early Saturday she passed out and fell a twice so off to the UW ER we went. She ended up having a very, very low blood pressure which is what caused the passing out and falling.  Long story short they aren’t sure yet if the low blood pressure was from an infection, side effect of the new meds (which do cause fevers, low BP, etc), or some combination.  She is in the ICU to give her meds to get her blood pressure back up to a a normal spot for her as well as give her some antibiotics in case it was an infection.  

Last night went good and they were able to have the blood pressure meds dialed back but keep her BP up. The goal for today is hopefully she can get completely off the BP meds all together.  That being said we are probably at the hospital for at least a couple more days. They are waiting on some test cultures to help determine if it was an infection and continuing to monitor her blood pressure to make sure it can stay where it should on its own. 

Will give more updates as we have them



  1. Thanks for the update, Barrett.

    Holding you in my heart, Alli ... can I drop off anything for either of you?

  2. I'm so sad to read this! I know you are one tough cookie, but you so deserve a break from all this! Hugs my melanoma warrior friend.