Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hospitals are no fun :( part 2

Wednesday has come and unfortunately we are still in the ICU, though hopefully we are closer to the end than the beginning of her stay here.  Alli was starting to have some of her blood pressures look better Monday afternoon but then things rolled back down a little bit in the evening as she developed a fever and lower blood pressure again.  Things started to turn back towards the positive yesterday afternoon and have continued to improve.

It still isn't completely clear what caused this to happen whether there was an infection, side effects, or some combination.  All of the cultures to date have come back clear so they haven't clearly identified anything.  She does have an enlarged gallbladder (11mm instead of 3-5mm) but doesn't have some of the other tell tale symptoms if that was the true cause.  As the attending doctor said this morning... our girl is unique :)

After meeting with a GI doctor yesterday and with her improved blood pressures last night and through today they think she should be ready to move out of the ICU today as they really aren't doing any "ICU things" anymore.  Since she got more IV fluids yesterday the earliest they would discharge her is tomorrow; but that is the goal we are focused on.  They also want to have a plan in place for her gallbladder before they will discharge her, so a consult with the surgery team is on the docket for today to get their thoughts on if we let the gallbladder stay, put in a drain in, remove it now, or remove it later.  

So good thoughts on the continued recovery and knock on wood... hopefully, maybe, possibly, fingers-crossed she can go home tomorrow.

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